Red Faction Guerilla Review

I’ve had this game for a couple of days now, and as such feel ready to make a valued opinion on it. It Rocks. I’ll come clean, I love this game I can’t stop playing it, but on to the reviewy part of the review.

The game places you in the shoes of Alec mason, a mining engineer going to mars to look for an honest living, but some things happen and you wind up joining the Red Faction, the rebel force for the freedom of mars from the oppressive EDF. This game takes place a few decades later than the previous entries, and as such it is a different Red Faction, newly formed. Through terra-forming you can now breathe on mars, and have cars and things so it creates an open-world playground atmosphere.


The first thing you do when you are released into the world with a sledgehammer and some charges is hit stuff – and it is satisfying.Thanks to the real star of the game, Geo-Mod 2.0, you can break buildings apart brick by brick, watching them slowly crumble under the weight of itself and the come crashing down to earth in all its next gen splendour, and it feels bloody good. Thats the main thing with this game, how things feel to play. The jeeps are fun and overly fast, the guns are powerful and some of them just plain crazy, like a saw firing gun and a rifle that disintegrates matter into nothing. As you progress through the game and unlock salvage, the games main currency, you can spend it on upgrades and other cool stuff.The upgrades come in the form of armour, new hammers, more guns and other goodies that just enhance the gameplay, although some of them are pretty useless and you wont particularly be rushing to get them, to say the least.

The game looks nice, not wonderful mind you but nice. There are some great shadowing and lighting effects, but sadly most of the textures can appear mucky and low res, nothing game-breaking, but potentially annoying. The game runs solid and smooth, with minimal slowdown only noticed in the biggest of destruction moments, but you’ll be too busy blowing stuff up to really notice how the games playing, and this happens very rarely.

The game revolves around completing missions and liberating sectors of the planet, while fun it does seem as though there are too little proper missions, and a lot of side-missions that can get repetitive. What does not get repetitive, is the way you reduce control of a sector to unlock more missions of the main story arc. You can either complete guerilla actions, or take out key EDF buildings anyway you can, both increasing the morale of the sector which intices more colonists to join your uprising and fight with you. Th story, while not particularly deep, does provide a good compliment to the destruction, and keeps you fighting, right up to the end.

Nowadays, many gamers look just for the multiplayer sector of a game, and Red Faction Guerilla puts that in full swing. The multiplayer is split up into different playlists as you would normally have in online games, but with some differences, noticably siege mode which revolves around the destruction of key buildings which can prove extremely exhillerating, standing on a tower only to have it crumble underneath you has never been so fun. There is also a sort of ranking system, which revolves around unlocking new skins, hammers, badges and colours for them and provides some nice incentives to keep playing.

Overall this game hits it where its needed – fun. Its a pure joy to play, and while not without its flaws, is a game that every gamer deserves on his shelf.

The Good – GeoMod 2.0 is extremely fun to play around with, multiplayer is a hoot.
The Bad – Story could use fleshing out, some poor textures.
Overall – 8.9/10



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