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August 30, 2009

We havn’t had that much content lately, due to contributors not being able to acess the internet/ being on holiday, and I’ve had some school related stuff to do, but never fear we are still alive


Emotions in games part 2 – Microsoft

August 26, 2009


As it turns out Nintendo isn’t a big innovator after all. Microsoft was thinking of the same thing. They announced emotion reading in games before Nintendo let me assume what they would do. Peter Molyneux promised us that Milo will read our emotions.

When we all first Saw Milo we said “that’s creepy”, “ROFLMAO MICROSOFT IS SKYNET LOLOLOLOL” or “If we fapped in front of him?” It was funny but we never got around to understanding what Milo will do. Neither do I. But the technology is amazing. A very powerful AI that we would hope to have in an FPS, an amazing interface that allows great interaction with the digital world and the feature to recognize emotions.

It looks like Milo will be friendlier for developers than the Wii Vitality Sensor will be. You could use both hands; your control interface isn’t limited to what would be just one Wii mote. I would say the technology is better but we don’t know if the Wii vitality sensor just reads your heart beat or more.

If we used the technology of Milo for real games it could be great fun and make gaming a more artistic medium. We could get a change of pace and style in game play and such. But because Milo can tell emotions though facial expressions you could add more emotions like sad or confused. In the case of sadness if you aren’t sad enough the game could make the situation more depressing. This could be though slight change of color or change of tone in voice. I am not very sure how. But I expect Peter Molyneux to make promised in future titles that will blow my minds off. What future titles you say? Well maybe Fable 3? Fable is a franchise that established it self by changing the world around you though your decisions. If emotions could change the situation in battle? Just maybe. If I were the developer, I would try to do it.

To me Milo is just a tech demo for Project Natal’s Emotion reading. What is next to come is up to the developers. You have read this and don’t be surprised when Peter Molyneux makes such a promise. And as a veteran hardcore gamer don’t expect him to keep it.

Team Fortress 2 Review

August 23, 2009

Anyone connected to the gaming world these days (so most likely everyone reading this will be) will of course heard of the hit company Valve, known for their high quality games, at very reasonable prices. Team Fortress 2 is one of the various gems that belong to Valve, and it is certainly easy to see why. As a genre of game, it’s a multiplayer-online FPS. However, unlike other mainstream FPS’s e.g COD 5, it has a hilarious level of wit about it, with expertly made characters, quips, map design, updates, weaponry, the lot.

The gameplay flows well, with a array of 9, perfectly balanced, but hilariously unique classes, with the Pyro, Demoman, Spy, Heavy, Engineer, Scout, Medic, Sniper and the Soldier. Each of these characters require masses of space, and I could easily write an entire review about eachone, due to the immense depth of each character, with weapons specific for them, and very well made character. To understand the classes more, check out and believe me, those videos are hilarious.

Valve update this game on a regular basis, and put sheer amount of work into it, uniquely updating one class at a time, but incredibly maintaining the perfect balance between the classes, even though not all (but most) classes have new weapons. There are various styles of gameplay, like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Payload and more, eachone brilliantly designed, and i guarantee weill bring hours of fun.

None the less, if FPS’s aren’t your sort of game at all, this is not the game for you, yet you don’t have tp be a hardcore FPS fan to enjoy it. Graphics are cartoony, but highly decent, if you want to know exactly what they look like check out again, as the videos are made from the game, so the appearance’s are identical.

No matter how I look at it, Team Fortress 2 is well worth buying, the updates are constant, and free, something you rarely see today.

So enough of reading this review, it’s a brilliant game, and I sincerely suggest getting it, more so than any other game I’ve reviewed before.

Overall score 9.8/10

Personal note: seriously, stop reading and go buy it, now, you will LOVE this game 🙂

A whole new type of review

August 21, 2009

This is HSG’s first (of possibly many) anime review, and I have to say, I’m rather pleased to be the first reviewer to start this (yes kids, HSG knows about things other than games, it’s true :O 🙂


So, to break the ice (I swear I’ve used this ‘splosive remark before in another ‘splosive review), I’m going to start off with “Requiem for the Phantom”

Requiem of the Phantom is a name that has been floating around the internet for years, in games, video novels and more. The most recent “phantom” creation however, has been the ‘Requiem of the Phantom’ anime series, which is currently an on-going series, and as I speak, the 20th episode has been released (these episodes have been released weekly).

It is much darker and much more serious than your typical anime, and is not to be compared to your more bright coloured, slightly more childish animes like ‘Naruto’.

You follow the lives of Zwei (Reiji Azuma) and Ein (Elen). Zwei witnesses a murder commited by Ein, but instead of being killed, he is brainwashed, due to his incredible instinct to survive.

Ein is the murderer he witnesses, and is called the “top sniper in Inferno” (Inferno being a huge Mafia Syndicate, trying to control the U.S)  With Zwei brainwashed, together they work for Inferno, but soom become caught up in a battle for power on all sides.

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but believe me, it is definitely worth watching, and I’m loving every second of it 🙂

(Note as this stage it is subbing only) 🙂


Dragon Age Origins Trailer – Haven

August 21, 2009

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Used Gaming : Do’s & Don’ts

August 20, 2009

Hey there, Williams22 here, Chances are that you as a gamer have stepped into a GameStop or EB Games and possible bought something there. Well If you buy your stuff used, you need to be careful about what you do, and don’t do. I’m here to tell you how to buy used.


Find the exchange rate of the store. Depending on the store the rate will change, Just remember you won’t get full price for the items you trade in, the stores got to make a profit somehow. If you don’t like the exchange rate, don’t throw a fit, all stores reserve the right to refuse service.

If you need a memory card, always buy used if you can. Usually the store wont clear the data on the memory card, so you might get some free game saves or better, free psn, xbla, or virtual console downloads.

Keep your receipts for anything you buy. If it’s a game I suggest keeping it in the game case itself. If not make sure it’s some where you can find. That way if a disc is scratched they’ll buff the disc for free. Or if it’s an item that doesn’t work, you can get your cash back.

If trading items in, take the time to make sure everything is cleaned and looking nice. You will get more cash in return for good items.

Never buy from an un trustworthy source. Ebay, used stores, and pawn shops are usually the best bet. This way if anything is wrong from the product you ordered, you can tell them and get your money back.



Never, buy controller batteries or controllers with built in batteries used. You don’t know if the batteries have been over charged and are worthless.

Never be a dick to the staff working there, They do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Follow this guide and I’m positive You’ll do just fine in the world of used gaming. This is Williams22, signing off.

Special – Emotions in Videogames

August 20, 2009

Emotions in games: Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor


In E3 2009 Nintendo showed us what we thought would be the biggest joke in gaming, the Wii Vitality Sensor. But we were wrong. The Wii Vitality Sensor could be one of the first steps of detecting our emotions when playing games. And this is amazing.

Game play responding to our emotions was something I thought would be cool long before E3 2009. It’s always better to be calm and relaxed than angry. There are already Zen games like fl0w and fl0wer. But adding a component that will read your emotion and change the pace of the game accordingly would be a huge step forward.

Even though I had the idea long before E3 I thought the Wii Vitality Sensor was a joke. The reason would be its name and how it was presented. There was just one picture and Iwata was talking about things we can’t understand. The Wii Vitality Sensor is the worst name for a product since the Wii. If Nintendo seeks any success they should change the name of it. The first thing I thought was a hospital. No one wants the thought of hospital when buying the product. They would need a cool name like Wii Emotion Detector.

Since The Wii Vitality Sensor will take the slot for add-ons for the Wii Mote the applications will be limited. What most you could see is a one disk with 4 small games like Wii sports. If Miyamoto designs them they could be fun and could be good for just 15 minutes each day after school or work to relax. To make for deeper game play your character could also share the emotion you have. The move set could change to make the experience more satisfying. Like more vigorous hits when angry or smoother fancier attacks when calm.

This is what the Wii Vitality Sensor could really be. Because it takes the slot on the Wii Mote and you wont be able to use one of your hands it really cant support full game play. But small games that need few buttons could always work.

Next up. Microsofts Milo can read emotions as well. What will Peter Molyneux over hype this time?

By – Tiambanger