Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (DC/Arcade) Review


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been one of the most respected titles that has ever come out of any gaming company.This game has come across much deserved critical acclaim calling it one of the best fighters ever created.Now it is coming across a whole new era of rampage as it is being ported to both XBLA and PSN with new cleaner sprites and redone enviroments, but perhaps the biggest aspect of this massive re-release is the addition of online multiplayer through Xbox Live/Playstation Network.Today we’ll be looking at the version that made this version of the game possible, the Sega Dreamcast version.

MvC2 dreamcast

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was a force to be reckoned with in arcades, adding massive teamplay through a wide selection of 58 characters, previously unheard of for any other game.This game combined all the elements of the Vs. games up to then and then some.This game received massive critical acclaim and would set the bar for future fighters to come.The game was later ported to consoles such as the Dreamcast then later the PS2 and the Xbox, the Dreamcast was always said to be the superior version however as it was the most “arcade perfect”, due to the extreme similiarities between the Dreamcast, and the Sega NAOMI board the game was created for, porting it was very simple.

To start off you have some standard fighting modes such as survival,training and versus, it’s your standard fighting game modes so there’s nothing too special.Once you enter a fighting mode you see at first the limited character selection with the pumping sound of TU4AR in the background.Upon selecting a team you have the choice of assists for your characters such as ground,variety,and projectile.These assists affect your gameplay depending on how you use them such as for combos, the teams you chose made you or broke you, working on a certain team until you found the ones you could use, whether it be overpowered oned like Cable/Iron man/Sentinel or weaker ones like Dan/Roll/Servbot.You go into arcade modes fighting 7 teams until you reach Abyss the final boss.Abyss takes on 3 different forms when you fight him,first taking an armored form, then a liquid form, and finally a beastly form which can be defeated with some quick timing/thinking, afterwards you will see you have gained experience points to unlock more characters and colors for your available characters.These experience points can be gained through how you beat the game,how fast you do it, or even going into other modes like survival or practice.

The gameplay is absolutely outstanding, the layout is fairly simple 2 punch buttons, 2 kick buttons, and 2 assist buttons it couldnt get anymore simpler unless it was 3 buttons like Gem fighter, but that’ll be another review.With these combinations you could make some deadly combos with your teams that can reach up to 100+ hits.

The music is fairly good although i do prefer the MvC1 remixes but hey one stage has Cee-lo in it.I wish the music had more variety however.The graphics are standard for a 2-d fighter sprites and artwork which flow well together,however the backgrounds are well done 3-d animations.

Summing it up Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is one of the best fighters I have played it has excellent replay value that’ll keep you popping this game in for many years to come.If you can’t get your hands on the DC version or you can’t find a good emulator have no fear because this marvellous(no pun intended) game is coming to your 360’s/PS3’s through downloadable services with extra features for only $15.00/1200 MSp’s that is a steal in my opinion you have to get this game.

+Amazing quality

+Wide selection

+Great gameplay

+Great replay value

-Music is iffy

Overall 9.7/10(AKA BUY IT NOW!!!!!)

This is redscout64 signing off


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