Rpg’s COMPLETE Beginners Guide To Marvel Vs Capcom 2


Hey guys, for an easier way to read all of this I decided to post 1 blog with ALL 3 parts of the beginner MVC2 guide. Of course with some edits to make it more appealing. Hope you like it.

Rpg’s Beginner Guide To Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Hey you! Are you tired of getting a loss after loss to Marvel at the arcade? Are you tired of spending hours trying to find some info to help you out and its just random gibberish you can barely understand? Well I am here to help by posting this guide. With a good understanding of some of the basics of this game to get you on your feet. If you fully use this guide to an advantage. You will be ready to destroy online when this game hits XBL and PSN June 29th! Trust me, I am gonna take you for a ride. (Lamejokeover)

Well lets first start with the table of contents.

1. Definitions.
2. How to start a good team.
3. How to play offence.
4. How to play defense.
5. Assist.
6. Wrap up.

1. Definitions.

This will basically be the top 10 things that most beginners need to know. It wont be things that you see in other fighters like chip damage or cancels. Just things that you will mostly see in MVC2.

MVC2: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 abbreviated into something smaller, usually used online for a more convenient way of typing it out. Get use to it, because you will be seeing this a lot.

Air Combos: Combos that take part in the air, usually you use some move on the ground to shoot the opponent in the air. This move is called a launcher, once launched you can use continuous attacks in the air for a combo string. Air combos are a must know in this game for they are basic and can take good damage if you do some correctly.

Launcher: A move that shoots your opponent in the air, usually to start off a combo. Most characters can do the launcher by crouching at a certain angle and doing a hard punch or hard kick. While some characters have different ways to do the launcher. That is the most common.

Super Jump: A jump that fly’s you higher in the air, this can be used to catch a flying opponent(Will be mentioned in Part 2) or to go in the air for a combo. You do a super jump by crouching and quickly jumping. It needs to be one quick motion, when done correctly your character will have a blue aura around it and the character will jump in the air much farther.

Assist: This is a move that happens when you press one of the partner buttons. Partner A calls the 2nd person in your party and partner B calls the 3rd person. They show up and do a single move that you chose during the character select screen. They help in multiple ways it takes time to figure out which one fits your style . You have 3 options for each character and they can only do that one assist for the whole match. You cant use an assist move when you are attacking, in the air, or being attacked at.

Push Back: When blocking, if you press both punch buttons at the same time right when someone is hitting you. You will cause push back, your opponent and your character will then be pulled back from each other. Causing more breathing room. Commonly used when they are adding chip damage or trying to pressure. Basically think of it as a parry in Third Strike, except its a different use and you press both punch buttons. Though it does not require completely strict timing, it does take practice to master it.

In Air Specials: Unlike other games, usually you can only throw a fireball or uppercut on the ground. Though in this game some characters have special moves you can do mid air that normally would not be things you could do in the air. Such as Ryu can fireball in the air and Ken can uppercut in the air. This takes some getting use too, once you do it certainly helps to fire a beam across the screen when in the air.

Triple and Double Supers: In MVC2, you have 5 bars of super. You can just do the specific super motion to use just 1 super. Though say you have 2 bars of super. Hold down both the partner A and partner B buttons. The 2nd member of your party comes out and does his super. The super that the 2nd and 3rd character uses depends on the assist. Then you use 2 bars, if you have 3 bars. All 3 members of your team come out and use the super. Though it uses 3 bars of super.

Infinites: A combo that never ends. Once the combo starts you can keep doing the same moves in a row and the opponent has no chance in blocking it. Though it can eliminate a whole characters life bar quick. It does require REALLY STRICT timing, and some of them are completely useless.

And now the most important and final tip.

Its Different: A mistake I see with people starting the game is that they play it like Street Fighter or CVS2. You cant just hard kick trip kick, spam fireballs carelessly and do a 2 hit cancel like you can in other games. You have to elaborate more, use more moves and combos and play a smart defensive game. When entering this game treat like a completely different and be ready to learn more things.

2. How to start a good team.

Just incase you didn’t know…


Its crazy, you have to think about a lot of things before you make your team. I will just break it down to show you guys what you need to make sure it all comes together good.

For starters, divide the screen by Capcom and Marvel. It makes the big mess look a lot easier to deal with. Think about older games. Such as MVC1 and the old Xmen games, who were good in those? Then who are top dogs in Street Fighter and so on.

You also need a balance feel. For a good solid. Have an all a rounder, who has above average skills for most situations. Then have the strong character, big and slow but strong. Then have the quick character. Super fast and hard to get away from. For example I use Magneto, Sentinel and Psylocke. Magneto is the speed while Sent is the powerhouse and Psy keeps everything together.

Make sure you have the best assist to cover all needs, we will get to that in a later chapter because that’s a whole art by itself. Then make sure they have supers that work well with each others, so if you use the double or triple supers. You can deal damage, some teams cant though. Such as mine, but it does have an advantage having a really powerful super with 3 bars. Its also really cool. Try doing Cable, Iron Man and War Machine and use all the laser supers at the same time. GOOOD STUFF!

Most importantly, do they all work well with each other. Does the team cover all aspects. I cant really describe but when you are switching all the characters around and you finally find the three that fit perfectly together. You will feel a click. When the 3 compliment each other perfectly, you will then start getting the wins.

3. How to play offence.

The key to MVC2 is not just having a good team, its having good offence with your team. Unlike some games you cant use Dhalsim to turtle, and you cant sit there and throw fireballs and beams across the screen for the whole match. Now turtling to reqroup to the side and take a breather is good, but you should only do this for a short period of time in MVC2. You need to know how to pressure to make your oppenents clueless. If you can do this you will be feared.

First we will talk about how to pressure. This is just get on top of them mixing fast moves with chip damage from specials. You never leave their site and you should be the only character attacking if your doing this correctly. Throw a assit in there to for extra chip damage. Usually a projectile would help this situation. Now every character can pressure, its just that some do it poorly and others have all of their strengths in pressure. Basically it goes like this…

Good characters at pressure:
Bone and Steel Wolverine
War Machine
Iron Man
Silver Samurai

Characters who cant really pressure all that well:

Everyone else is in the middle.

Take this into really big consideration while making a team. Yet some of that people who cant pressure are insanely good at turtling and playing defence.

Another thing you need to know is the basic combo that most characters can do. This is a simple air combo that consists of mostly the same buttons and goes between a 5-7 hit combo. This combo is…

Launcher,LPorLK,LPorLK,LPorLK then HP.

Each character is different, but I am pretty sure all of them have in air combo along these lines. The reason it is LP or LK is because you have to do the oppisite as the next hit. For example, have the first one is LP chances are you should LK next unless the character can LP again. Of course you need to figure this out for your character. So usually it goes LP,LK,LP or LK,LP,LK. You do need to expirment on which ones will hit, though this is the most basic and this is how everyone gets started in MVC2. Then experts just take the combo and make it better.

4. How to play defense.

The main key to basic defense in this game is pretty simple. BLOCK!!! This game needs you to be blocking, if you don’t in other games its not that bad. If you don’t block in this any decent player can have 1 of your characters down in under a minute. You also need to add some pushback into it. This will help by giving you breathing room which helps rethink everything and it actually helps you perform a lot better.

Now turtling, just incase no one knows its when you stay at the other corner of the screen and throw projectiles. Then if they get close you just do an anti air or some move that has huge knock back. In this game you can do that except abit differently, and you must do it for shorter periods of time. The best way to do it is too use a projectile then have a projectile assist. It helps to have double the damage if it hits and double the chip. The short timing though just depends on how quickly you think the opponent can figure out the pattern. You also need to know how well some of the characters can turtle, here’s the list.

Characters who can turtle well:
Mega Man
War Machine
Iron Man
Ice Man
Black Heart
Omega Red

Characters who cant really turtle at all:
Ruby Heart
Bone and Steel Wolverine
Silver Samurai
Captain America

Everyone else is in the middle, try to take this in consideration when balancing out your team.

Well obviously defense is not the biggest part of MVC2, these are the stripped down basics. Block, Pushback and know how to turtle.

5. Assist

NOTE: There is 2 assist buttons in MVC2, Assit1 brings out the 2nd guy of the team and Assit2 brings out the 3rd. You can change where the buttons place due to button config. You have 3 different assist options. A,B or Y. The order of which assists differ between all characters.

We already went over what the assists do in Part 1, though you may think this is a small part of the game. This could make the difference between a win and a loss. Most people don’t stress this enough but I think this is what makes a good team. You can have 3 amazing characters but if there assists are awful then that can definitely factor the best your team can reach.

To help you know the differences, here a list of all the assist with a brief description of what they do.

Expansion- Basically the most basic of assist, kind of hard to describe because its different for each character.

Ground- A assist that usually helps in ground pressure, usually as a projectile on the ground or a strong attack that covers a good amount of the stage.

Variety- Something that differs between all characters, and has different outcomes depending on how you use it.

Projectile- Obvious assist, helps play defense and also helps your zone game. Of course some projectiles are better then others.

Anti Air- These are the most deadly, something that can cover a good amount of air or can setup nice combos. Usually good against people who jump in too much. Some of the best assists in the game are Anti airs. Though you should never have your whole team based around them.

Balance- Usually just a projectile assist yet you have a different super for your character. Of course you can use the 1 super in the normal way of a button combination. Though if you choose this assist when you bring all 3 characters out the character with this assist will have a different super then say his projectile assist.

Dash- Pretty simple, a assist that gets the character dashing right at the other side of the screen. Usually does good damage and shoots the opponent away if they are trying to pressure.

Capture- A assist that captures the opponent in a orb or bubble or something. Sets up combos, catches them off guard and can sometimes combo into super.

Launcher- A assist that launches your opponent in the air for combos, I find this pointless for you already have a move that does that.

Heal- A move that if you touch a certain food or something near the assist character you regain some health. Be careful though because your opponent can also use it once it is out.

Enhance- Usually something fast or speedy, kind of like a dash. Pretty simple.

Throw- If the opponent is right next to the assist character they then will be thrown. Some do good damage and some lightly toss them in the air for combos.

Air Throw- This assist is only owned by Zangief. When he comes out he does a throw except in the air. Basically think of it as a risky anti air.

See all the differences? Yeah it might be tough at first, but can be easy if you know how to choose. The best way to think of assists is that you should never have the same kind on the team. All 3 of them should be different. The most basic usually consists of one anti air, one projectile and one of any other kind. Though you can switch it around anyway you like. Here’s an example.

My team is Magneto-A/Sentinel-Y/Psylocke-A

In order it is projectile, ground and anti air. Magneto’s projectile is a laser that covers good ground and stays out for a long time. Sentinel’s assist is amazing, he shoots out 3 hands near the ground that follow the opponent. With possible 3 hits and you can combo after. This is great for pressure. Then Psylocke and her anti air is not good for damage, but covers a good amount of the air making it difficult for the opponent to go over it. It also helps set up the oh so nasty Magneto infinite.

So figure out the 3 characters you like the most and play around with the total of the 9 assists. Figure out which ones are most effective and use them.

Also for the sake of keeping track here is the list of the best assists. Of course this is by my standards, but trust me. Some of these are nasty.

Captain Commando: Anti-air assist.
Cyclops: Anti-air assist.
Doctor Doom: Anti-air assist.
Psylocke: Anti-air assist.
Sentinel: Projectile or ground assist.
Tron Bonne: Projectile assist.

Go try them out, I should not need to explain them. They are just that nasty.

6. Wrap Up

Well Marvel players, you have now come this far. I must say it was fun making this guide. Remember all the tips I gave you people. Remember the definitions, figure out your team, and make your offence and defense the best there is. Most importantly, figure out the assist. I hope to play some PS3 users when online hits. I really am glad I have received positive feedback, and remember if anyone has a question about there team or anything of the game. Ask me! I am open to answering any questions. With all this said. Thank you all for reading the guide…



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