Battlefield 1943 Review

battlefield_1943_pacific_01Developed by EA’s D.I.C.E (otherwise known as Digital Illusions CE), Battlefield 1943 is what some may call, a “taster of what you can expect to find with Battlefield Bad Company 2”, but none the less, has been reviewed as “too good a game to be classed as an arcade game”.

Available ONLY on the Playstation Store, the Xbox Live Marketplace and also PC’s, Battlefield 1943 is indeed somewhat of a showcase to promote the highly awaited Battlefield Bad Company 2. However, this does not mean that is a bad game in its own right. With a highly impressive physics engine, some pretty scenery and a overall fun level of game play.

However, the fact that this game is only really a showcase, leads to some key problems, for example a lack of classes and maps. It was a shame, I was impressed with the ability to drive jeeps and tanks, sail landing boats and of course fly planes, but then eventually you have to get off the vehicles and into some man vs man combat, which can become slightly boring with the only classes being the Scout (a sniper), the Infantryman (a Rifleman) and the Engineer (A class with a machine gun that can repair vehicles).

I will readily admit that these classes have been designed well, however, it’s just not enough to maximise the flow of the game, which can lead to some battles becoming stiff and uneventful.


As I speak, I have just finished a game which ultimately pissed me and three other friends of mine playing it, merely because it was simply a matter of which eve team managed to get to the spawn points first, won, because they could spawn kill repetitively, even if you are the team which has succeeded in doing this, it’s a boring way to play, and if you are the unlucky team, at the very least you will be foaming at the mouth.

It’s a shame, I felt that so much more could of been made out of this game, admittedly it’s cheap and good value for it’s price and what you are getting, but I can’t help but feel that if DICE didn’t neglect this, it could do absolutely brilliantly.

Brief information about the game

Players: Online multiplayer, no split-screen co-op (as far as I know of)

Price: 1200 MS Points, £10 PSN/ PC

Basic requirements: Access to your consoles online facilities, this is a multiplayer only game

Overall rating: 8.5/10 A good, well made game, however a bit unpolished in places, leading to a sometimes disappointing feel, none the less, well worth playing.


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