Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection/Sega’s Ultimate Megadrive Collection review (Ps3/360)


Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is a collection of over 40 classic Sega Genesis/Megadrive titles all reformatted in HD to fit your screen and in one disc. At first glance you’d think it’d just be a small collection of mediocre Genesis games to play around with, If there’s anything it’s not, it’s that.With a massive library it’s guaranteed to take up most of your time with just trying to complete the classic games you remember.

Starting it up you get a screen reminiscent of the Sega Genesis model 1 with most of the games being able to be selected.From Altered Beast to Vectorman 2 and even Phantasy Star. Different buttons open different features, such as Triangle/Y opening up the extras menu for interviews with original game creators and other unlockables such as Phantasy Star 1 on the Sega Master System.Starting up a game you get your button layouts, such as Triangle/Y being B or Square/X being A and you get a cropped screen of your game in better resolution with bigger pixels to play with(You can make it full/widescreen as well).

The gameplay varies as too what games you choose but its still the same fun game you remember, there’s not much to say about it besides it’s the same game you remember that still has that fun replay value.

The extra features are nice for this game, you get the Extras that includes 9 other games such as Altered Beast arcade or as mentioned earlier Phantasy Star 1 on the Sega master system.The extras also include interviews with members of Sega and Game creators, such as Shun Nakamura of Sonic Team.The museum is a feature for each game that includes background data of said game and hitting the left or right bumper swaps out between history and artwork.

Overall this game is pretty fun for nostalgic reasons and for you to play those games you remember (plus easy trophies/achievements 😉 ) The gameplay is untouched and those games you remember look even better than before, plus its only around 25 bucks now.

+Cheap price
+Brings back fond memories
+Better graphics
-Could’ve used a DLC system for more games.

Overall 8.9/10
AKA Highly recommended buy.

This is redscout64 signing off.


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