Used Gaming : Do’s & Don’ts

Hey there, Williams22 here, Chances are that you as a gamer have stepped into a GameStop or EB Games and possible bought something there. Well If you buy your stuff used, you need to be careful about what you do, and don’t do. I’m here to tell you how to buy used.


Find the exchange rate of the store. Depending on the store the rate will change, Just remember you won’t get full price for the items you trade in, the stores got to make a profit somehow. If you don’t like the exchange rate, don’t throw a fit, all stores reserve the right to refuse service.

If you need a memory card, always buy used if you can. Usually the store wont clear the data on the memory card, so you might get some free game saves or better, free psn, xbla, or virtual console downloads.

Keep your receipts for anything you buy. If it’s a game I suggest keeping it in the game case itself. If not make sure it’s some where you can find. That way if a disc is scratched they’ll buff the disc for free. Or if it’s an item that doesn’t work, you can get your cash back.

If trading items in, take the time to make sure everything is cleaned and looking nice. You will get more cash in return for good items.

Never buy from an un trustworthy source. Ebay, used stores, and pawn shops are usually the best bet. This way if anything is wrong from the product you ordered, you can tell them and get your money back.



Never, buy controller batteries or controllers with built in batteries used. You don’t know if the batteries have been over charged and are worthless.

Never be a dick to the staff working there, They do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Follow this guide and I’m positive You’ll do just fine in the world of used gaming. This is Williams22, signing off.


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