Team Fortress 2 Review

Anyone connected to the gaming world these days (so most likely everyone reading this will be) will of course heard of the hit company Valve, known for their high quality games, at very reasonable prices. Team Fortress 2 is one of the various gems that belong to Valve, and it is certainly easy to see why. As a genre of game, it’s a multiplayer-online FPS. However, unlike other mainstream FPS’s e.g COD 5, it has a hilarious level of wit about it, with expertly made characters, quips, map design, updates, weaponry, the lot.

The gameplay flows well, with a array of 9, perfectly balanced, but hilariously unique classes, with the Pyro, Demoman, Spy, Heavy, Engineer, Scout, Medic, Sniper and the Soldier. Each of these characters require masses of space, and I could easily write an entire review about eachone, due to the immense depth of each character, with weapons specific for them, and very well made character. To understand the classes more, check out and believe me, those videos are hilarious.

Valve update this game on a regular basis, and put sheer amount of work into it, uniquely updating one class at a time, but incredibly maintaining the perfect balance between the classes, even though not all (but most) classes have new weapons. There are various styles of gameplay, like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Payload and more, eachone brilliantly designed, and i guarantee weill bring hours of fun.

None the less, if FPS’s aren’t your sort of game at all, this is not the game for you, yet you don’t have tp be a hardcore FPS fan to enjoy it. Graphics are cartoony, but highly decent, if you want to know exactly what they look like check out again, as the videos are made from the game, so the appearance’s are identical.

No matter how I look at it, Team Fortress 2 is well worth buying, the updates are constant, and free, something you rarely see today.

So enough of reading this review, it’s a brilliant game, and I sincerely suggest getting it, more so than any other game I’ve reviewed before.

Overall score 9.8/10

Personal note: seriously, stop reading and go buy it, now, you will LOVE this game 🙂


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