Emotions in games part 2 – Microsoft


As it turns out Nintendo isn’t a big innovator after all. Microsoft was thinking of the same thing. They announced emotion reading in games before Nintendo let me assume what they would do. Peter Molyneux promised us that Milo will read our emotions.

When we all first Saw Milo we said “that’s creepy”, “ROFLMAO MICROSOFT IS SKYNET LOLOLOLOL” or “If we fapped in front of him?” It was funny but we never got around to understanding what Milo will do. Neither do I. But the technology is amazing. A very powerful AI that we would hope to have in an FPS, an amazing interface that allows great interaction with the digital world and the feature to recognize emotions.

It looks like Milo will be friendlier for developers than the Wii Vitality Sensor will be. You could use both hands; your control interface isn’t limited to what would be just one Wii mote. I would say the technology is better but we don’t know if the Wii vitality sensor just reads your heart beat or more.

If we used the technology of Milo for real games it could be great fun and make gaming a more artistic medium. We could get a change of pace and style in game play and such. But because Milo can tell emotions though facial expressions you could add more emotions like sad or confused. In the case of sadness if you aren’t sad enough the game could make the situation more depressing. This could be though slight change of color or change of tone in voice. I am not very sure how. But I expect Peter Molyneux to make promised in future titles that will blow my minds off. What future titles you say? Well maybe Fable 3? Fable is a franchise that established it self by changing the world around you though your decisions. If emotions could change the situation in battle? Just maybe. If I were the developer, I would try to do it.

To me Milo is just a tech demo for Project Natal’s Emotion reading. What is next to come is up to the developers. You have read this and don’t be surprised when Peter Molyneux makes such a promise. And as a veteran hardcore gamer don’t expect him to keep it.


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