PS3 V3.00 review!

Hey guys red back with another fantastic review.Sorry for the absence my internet was out. Now let’s check out PS3 system software v3.00!!!

ps3 v3.00

When booting up your PS3 after the update you no longer hear the same tuning of the band with the words
“Sony Computer Entertainment.” What you now see and hear is the new “sparkly” background with the PS family logo and the new PS3 logo associated with the ugly slim.

ps3 slim

After the intro sequence your immediately taken to the “What’s new” section. It features currently quick links to Playstation Home, PSP Go’s website, recently played games, and redesigned PS store cards along with many more links.

As you sign in to your account you notice the words and logos are way bigger, it’s not really that big of a deal but I kind of dont like it, makes it look like an SD tv. When heading to your friends list you see gray boxes around your friends list with their comments in them.Not too much of a big deal but it just isn’t too aesthetically pleasing.

Going into your games section you now see there is a PS store logo in the section. This logo leads to quick links for popular games in the store at the moment like Fat princess, or upcoming retail games like MAG. Everything else remains the same, however when starting up a game you don’t see the original PS3 logo and you don’t hear the chime.

Going into the Video section there’s another logo for the PS store but this time for movies.With what’s popular at the moment.
Everything else remains the same.

The rest has pretty much remained the same but what really impressed me was the dynamic themes. After purchasing the LBP theme it’s now my favorite theme on the PS3. Everything is active and it’s fun to just watch sackboy run.

Going more into detail you now have more avatars.The regular avatars are there but now you have premium ones with your regular ones, the avatars are now also split up into different categories.

The new ticker is a nice feature it keeps me up to date, alerts me when I have a message and tells me how many friends are online.

Overall while having a few flaws they really are overshadowed by the new firmwares great features.

+Awesome dynamic themes
+Nice reminders
-Letter/logos could be smaller
-I miss the intros when playing a game

8.5/10 A.K.A Pretty cool

This is redscout64 signing off.

Note from Sen – The uk version also gets a new direct link to a ps3 version of BBC Iplayer. Its not very good, quality is better on the pc, stick to the pc version if you plan to use it.


2 Responses to PS3 V3.00 review!

  1. Dukey says:

    though it’s nothing groundbreaking I prefer the new design to the old one.

  2. redscout64 says:

    I found it ok, it’ll take some time to get used to but it’s fine.

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