I&Love&You-The Avett Brothers review

Red here with a brand new review, this time we’re going into music. Today i’ll be reviewing one of my favorite bands ever new album The Avett Brothers’ I and Love and You so lets get this rolling.

i and love and you

The album features many different styles of songs ranging from the old country styles of Country was their first album to their alternative rock sounding Emotionalism album. From the reminiscent tracks I and Love and You and Head full of doubt road full of promise, to the rock sounds of The Perfect Space and Kickdrum heart. The album puts them to their full potential as producer Rick Rubin leads the way.

The songlist begins with reminiscent tales and slow melodies. Their title track I and Love and You starts it off and is one of the best tracks in the album.It leads to the new sounds of The Avett Brothers works with another one of the prominent tracks And it spread.
The song enters with a rocking feel with Seth Avett leading vocals. Then into possibly the best track on the album The Perfect Space
a tale about just wanting to be normal which almost anyone could relate with. Beginning with a soft piano melody with Scott Avett’s vocals and both brothers’ harmonies into a concentrated energy part which in my opinion is excellent live.

The brothers are releasing a video series about the album which is set to release next week on the 29th. It is included in 13 video parts to go along with the number of songs on the album. NPR is currently streaming the entire album so if you want a taste of it go check it out. The Avett Brothers have been promoting the album like crap right now, going to live shows across the nation (3 of which I was fotunate enough to go to) and advertising it frequently.

One of the most memorable tracks is probably Kickdrum Heart in which both brothers trade parts while playing to a fast tempo piano and drums with a soft interlude and great ending. The song is great for anyone to enjoy and you may find your self tapping your feet without even knowing it. One of the songs “A Slight Figure of Speech” that might be considered a tribute to the beatles with an upbeat guitar and vocalizing harmonies, with possibly one of the best melodies of all time with the fast trading vocals like “Talk on indolence’s” intro. While songs like Laundry room balance everything out with slow tempos and emotional lyrics.

Overall the album is by far their best work. The album contains a perfect songlist along with the harmonies they’re known for and the rocking acoustics along with piano ballads. This brings something new to the table along with older sounds to please hardcore fans such as myself. If you ever have the chance please pick up this album for this is possibly the album to watch for. Hell it’s already my album of the year 2009. Do yourself a favor and pick this up, it releases on the 29th and after that if your not completely a fan yet go see a live show and treat yourself to one of the greatest concerts you’ll ever see.

+Great new sound
+Memorable songs
+Old sounds to keep you interested

Overall 10/10 PERFECT BUY IT NOW!!

This is red signing off.


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