Who the hell are you!?!

We Are Headshot Gaming, the most new awesome game-related site on the web.

What Stuff do you Do here?

Reviews, opinions previews, top 10’s and other random fun that we may come up with.

Random Fun?

Could be anything, you’ll have to wait and see, but whatever it is it’ll always be awesome’s.

How can I check older posts?

On the links on the right, under categories you can select a certain section or you can select a date from the archive.

So what consoles do you review for?

We will have reviews of games on all the current consoles, and even some on the retro goodness like snes and megadrive that we all still love.

Is there anyway I can get involved with the community?

Head over to our forums by clicking on the “forum” tab, then register and join in with the lulz.

Can this place get any cooler?

It will constantly evolve, getting bigger and better, so stick around and be part of history 😉


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