Retro Reviews – Final Fantasy VI

June 8, 2009


Welcome to my Reviews of games from a bygone era, the first of which, Final Fantasy 6

Now Many recognise FF6 as the finest 2D RPG ever made, and to some better than every 3D one that has been seen, and there is good reason for this. Final Fantasy 6 delivered to us on three fronts -A simply fantastic soundtrack, letting you feel real emotion in the characters tales and setting the scene for maybe the most epic adventure ever seen on a home console. In many gamers minds, “Terra’s Theme” stands out as possibly being the best soundtrack ever made, rivelling anything that has been produced, and stands alone as a soundtrack that you can enjoy without having played the game.

The second is that of the story. Featuring one of the only villians in a game thats not an alien, not a monster, not working for a god, just simply a twisted human being, Kefka set the scene for a true gaming experience, where sometimes you have to just sit and think about what happened. FF6 Revolves around a “steampunk” theme, with Magitek armour and an evil empire trying to revive the power known as “magic” to the world, and your parties quest to stop this evil.This time around, Square Enix impressed us all by having any different animations for each character. These, for the first time in a 2D game, made the characters seem real, and you felt every blow they took and every hardship they endured. Remarkably for a game that fit on a cartridge, FF6 featured a huge roster of characters and a lengthy story that took you around its fictional world, every part dripping with the type of detail Square Enix has become known for. From the beginning to the end, you knew you were playing something special, something that would redefine the RPG genre evermore.


The third reason this game is amazing, is the gameplay. It features traditional Final fantasy fighting fare, but with added strategy. For the first time the same sprites are used in the battle screen and the world map, adding continuity to the gameplay. Character evolution is a lot more deep in FF6, introducing “Espers” into play. These ingenious items allowed almost any hero to learn any spell, and added a new layer of depth not seen before in an RPG. The battle scenes were fantastically advanced for their time, through the use of effects on battle spells and animations all equalling a great experience. Another first for the series was the use of mode 7 scalling on the world map. This added a new dimension of perspective to the map, allowing for the first time to make you feel immersed in the world you were traversing.

Pros – Best 2D Rpg Ever.
Cons – Sometimes the random encounters can get a bit incessant.

Overall Score – 9.5/10