Team Fortress 2 Review

August 23, 2009

Anyone connected to the gaming world these days (so most likely everyone reading this will be) will of course heard of the hit company Valve, known for their high quality games, at very reasonable prices. Team Fortress 2 is one of the various gems that belong to Valve, and it is certainly easy to see why. As a genre of game, it’s a multiplayer-online FPS. However, unlike other mainstream FPS’s e.g COD 5, it has a hilarious level of wit about it, with expertly made characters, quips, map design, updates, weaponry, the lot.

The gameplay flows well, with a array of 9, perfectly balanced, but hilariously unique classes, with the Pyro, Demoman, Spy, Heavy, Engineer, Scout, Medic, Sniper and the Soldier. Each of these characters require masses of space, and I could easily write an entire review about eachone, due to the immense depth of each character, with weapons specific for them, and very well made character. To understand the classes more, check out and believe me, those videos are hilarious.

Valve update this game on a regular basis, and put sheer amount of work into it, uniquely updating one class at a time, but incredibly maintaining the perfect balance between the classes, even though not all (but most) classes have new weapons. There are various styles of gameplay, like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Payload and more, eachone brilliantly designed, and i guarantee weill bring hours of fun.

None the less, if FPS’s aren’t your sort of game at all, this is not the game for you, yet you don’t have tp be a hardcore FPS fan to enjoy it. Graphics are cartoony, but highly decent, if you want to know exactly what they look like check out again, as the videos are made from the game, so the appearance’s are identical.

No matter how I look at it, Team Fortress 2 is well worth buying, the updates are constant, and free, something you rarely see today.

So enough of reading this review, it’s a brilliant game, and I sincerely suggest getting it, more so than any other game I’ve reviewed before.

Overall score 9.8/10

Personal note: seriously, stop reading and go buy it, now, you will LOVE this game 🙂


Double ‘Splosion Man Review, two reviews for the price of one

August 19, 2009

Well, since recently re-acquiring Xbox Live a couple of weeks ago, I decided to trawl through the countless demo’s on there. One which stood out to me was a quirky little game called “Splosion Man”. And I may as well say this now. That game is fun.

Having only played the demo version, I personally cannot tell you a great deal about the story line, though fear not, a game like this really doesn’t need one, and infact, having a full story line would only ruin this game instead of bettering it.

The gameplay is simple, fun, but oddly challenging at times, and I sometimes found my self grinning at the pure genius behind it all. Of the current new generation, some may say that Valve’s Portal was the first game to really break the ice at being purely fun and simple. Well if that’s the case, then you can also safely say that Splosion Man is the second game to “break the ice”.

The full game will consist of 50 games of “sploding fun”, which really will be genuine fun (to splode is to jump, then explode to either propel yourself or destroy people/object in generally a hilarious manner).

There is also an multiplayer aspect to the game, of up to 4 players. I have never played it, but from what I saw of videos from the developers, it seems to be who can get to the finish point the quickest.

Basic information about the game:

Price: 800 MS points (this needs to be verified)

Developer: Twisted Pixel Games

Overall rating: 9.2/10

By Gigai


My life as a gamer has had its ups and downs. I have played games ranging from old text command games, to modern first person shooters filled with sweet graphical goodness. My favorite genre as a child was platformers. These were the games that molded my childhood gaming expirience. The problem with this, is that there have been very few good platformers to come out in the past several years in my opinion. Several of the platformers that seem to deserve praise, I have never played, and the ones that I have played were horrible, horrible, pixilated tragedies.

For the longest time, I felt as though I would never play a truly great platformer ever again. I have not been able to experience Little Big Planet, or any other Playstation 3 titles, as I do not have the money to afford a Playstation 3. However, just the other day, I did happen to have a measly 800 Microsoft Points, and the desire to have a platforming good time!

Enter, ‘Splosion Man.

I had my doubts when this game came out for download for Xbox Live Arcade last month, but I gave the demo a try. I fell in love instantly. I was introduced to the lovable main character; A ‘sploding ball of fire that loves his scientist friends so much, that he has to hug them and ‘splode them to death.

After the short demo, the full game was unlocked immediately, as I had to play the game ASAP. I hoped that the game would not let up, and keep me wanting more until it was over. I was not dissappointed.
‘Splosion Man as a character is about what you would expect from a ‘sploding body of fire. He is very hyperactive, and loves using one-liners from Arnold Schwartzeneger movies. Everytime I heard the phrase “Get to da choppa’!” I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. ‘Splosion Man also seems to have a strange relationship with his enemies.

I would like to bring up the point that I have played the game completely, and I still have no idea exactly what was happening with the plot. To be honest, I don’t really care. The plot does not matter to me too much in this game because the gameplay and the comedy are so entertaining.

The scientists, and their inventions, are attepmting to prevent ‘Splosion Man from doing whatever it is that he is trying to do. While the scientists cannot hurt you, you can give them a big ‘sploding hug, and turn them into several cuts of meat. The obsticals come in the form of robots, and mounted guns, and while the challenges of the stages are sometimes quite difficult, the challenge is never overbearing. Also, if you find that the difficulty is too great, and you have died more than a few times, the game gives you an option of advancing to the next level without completing the current.

The controls in this game are superb. This element is key, as completing the game with shoddy controls would be impossible. The character controls fluidly, and the reaction time is very sharp. The manuvering of ‘Splosion Man through the levels is tricky at times, and the great control allow for the player to easily complete these manuvers as he/she feels fit.

On top of the fantastic level design, and superior controls, the graphical content of this game is pretty good. The animation is smooth, and there are no bugs from what I could tell. The game occasionally cuts to quirky camera angles to allow the player the full view of what must be accomplished next. However, no matter the angle, or how far away the camera is, the clarity of the animations is not lost.

The music in this game must also be discussed. It is decent enough for it not to break the overall expirience of the game, but it is rather generic in spots. The redeeming factor is the doughnut song. That’s right, the doughnut song. A rather fat scientist can be picked up and used as cover, and as long as you have him in your grasp “Everybody Loves Doughnuts” can be heard in the background. This one song was a strong point of hilarity, and quite an endearing factor for the game.

Overall, when I set out to spend 800 MS points on a platformer, I was skeptical. I thought I would get some mediocre game, that, while worth ten bucks, would be a general dissapointment. What I got instead was one of the best platformers I have ever played. A funny game with a lovable character, great comedy, and superb control. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to have a good time playing a great game.

‘Splosion Man – 9 ‘splosions out of 10

By inhumanehuman

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection/Sega’s Ultimate Megadrive Collection review (Ps3/360)

August 18, 2009


Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is a collection of over 40 classic Sega Genesis/Megadrive titles all reformatted in HD to fit your screen and in one disc. At first glance you’d think it’d just be a small collection of mediocre Genesis games to play around with, If there’s anything it’s not, it’s that.With a massive library it’s guaranteed to take up most of your time with just trying to complete the classic games you remember.

Starting it up you get a screen reminiscent of the Sega Genesis model 1 with most of the games being able to be selected.From Altered Beast to Vectorman 2 and even Phantasy Star. Different buttons open different features, such as Triangle/Y opening up the extras menu for interviews with original game creators and other unlockables such as Phantasy Star 1 on the Sega Master System.Starting up a game you get your button layouts, such as Triangle/Y being B or Square/X being A and you get a cropped screen of your game in better resolution with bigger pixels to play with(You can make it full/widescreen as well).

The gameplay varies as too what games you choose but its still the same fun game you remember, there’s not much to say about it besides it’s the same game you remember that still has that fun replay value.

The extra features are nice for this game, you get the Extras that includes 9 other games such as Altered Beast arcade or as mentioned earlier Phantasy Star 1 on the Sega master system.The extras also include interviews with members of Sega and Game creators, such as Shun Nakamura of Sonic Team.The museum is a feature for each game that includes background data of said game and hitting the left or right bumper swaps out between history and artwork.

Overall this game is pretty fun for nostalgic reasons and for you to play those games you remember (plus easy trophies/achievements 😉 ) The gameplay is untouched and those games you remember look even better than before, plus its only around 25 bucks now.

+Cheap price
+Brings back fond memories
+Better graphics
-Could’ve used a DLC system for more games.

Overall 8.9/10
AKA Highly recommended buy.

This is redscout64 signing off.

Battlefield 1943 Review

August 17, 2009

battlefield_1943_pacific_01Developed by EA’s D.I.C.E (otherwise known as Digital Illusions CE), Battlefield 1943 is what some may call, a “taster of what you can expect to find with Battlefield Bad Company 2”, but none the less, has been reviewed as “too good a game to be classed as an arcade game”.

Available ONLY on the Playstation Store, the Xbox Live Marketplace and also PC’s, Battlefield 1943 is indeed somewhat of a showcase to promote the highly awaited Battlefield Bad Company 2. However, this does not mean that is a bad game in its own right. With a highly impressive physics engine, some pretty scenery and a overall fun level of game play.

However, the fact that this game is only really a showcase, leads to some key problems, for example a lack of classes and maps. It was a shame, I was impressed with the ability to drive jeeps and tanks, sail landing boats and of course fly planes, but then eventually you have to get off the vehicles and into some man vs man combat, which can become slightly boring with the only classes being the Scout (a sniper), the Infantryman (a Rifleman) and the Engineer (A class with a machine gun that can repair vehicles).

I will readily admit that these classes have been designed well, however, it’s just not enough to maximise the flow of the game, which can lead to some battles becoming stiff and uneventful.


As I speak, I have just finished a game which ultimately pissed me and three other friends of mine playing it, merely because it was simply a matter of which eve team managed to get to the spawn points first, won, because they could spawn kill repetitively, even if you are the team which has succeeded in doing this, it’s a boring way to play, and if you are the unlucky team, at the very least you will be foaming at the mouth.

It’s a shame, I felt that so much more could of been made out of this game, admittedly it’s cheap and good value for it’s price and what you are getting, but I can’t help but feel that if DICE didn’t neglect this, it could do absolutely brilliantly.

Brief information about the game

Players: Online multiplayer, no split-screen co-op (as far as I know of)

Price: 1200 MS Points, £10 PSN/ PC

Basic requirements: Access to your consoles online facilities, this is a multiplayer only game

Overall rating: 8.5/10 A good, well made game, however a bit unpolished in places, leading to a sometimes disappointing feel, none the less, well worth playing.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (DC/Arcade) Review

August 13, 2009


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been one of the most respected titles that has ever come out of any gaming company.This game has come across much deserved critical acclaim calling it one of the best fighters ever created.Now it is coming across a whole new era of rampage as it is being ported to both XBLA and PSN with new cleaner sprites and redone enviroments, but perhaps the biggest aspect of this massive re-release is the addition of online multiplayer through Xbox Live/Playstation Network.Today we’ll be looking at the version that made this version of the game possible, the Sega Dreamcast version.

MvC2 dreamcast

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was a force to be reckoned with in arcades, adding massive teamplay through a wide selection of 58 characters, previously unheard of for any other game.This game combined all the elements of the Vs. games up to then and then some.This game received massive critical acclaim and would set the bar for future fighters to come.The game was later ported to consoles such as the Dreamcast then later the PS2 and the Xbox, the Dreamcast was always said to be the superior version however as it was the most “arcade perfect”, due to the extreme similiarities between the Dreamcast, and the Sega NAOMI board the game was created for, porting it was very simple.

To start off you have some standard fighting modes such as survival,training and versus, it’s your standard fighting game modes so there’s nothing too special.Once you enter a fighting mode you see at first the limited character selection with the pumping sound of TU4AR in the background.Upon selecting a team you have the choice of assists for your characters such as ground,variety,and projectile.These assists affect your gameplay depending on how you use them such as for combos, the teams you chose made you or broke you, working on a certain team until you found the ones you could use, whether it be overpowered oned like Cable/Iron man/Sentinel or weaker ones like Dan/Roll/Servbot.You go into arcade modes fighting 7 teams until you reach Abyss the final boss.Abyss takes on 3 different forms when you fight him,first taking an armored form, then a liquid form, and finally a beastly form which can be defeated with some quick timing/thinking, afterwards you will see you have gained experience points to unlock more characters and colors for your available characters.These experience points can be gained through how you beat the game,how fast you do it, or even going into other modes like survival or practice.

The gameplay is absolutely outstanding, the layout is fairly simple 2 punch buttons, 2 kick buttons, and 2 assist buttons it couldnt get anymore simpler unless it was 3 buttons like Gem fighter, but that’ll be another review.With these combinations you could make some deadly combos with your teams that can reach up to 100+ hits.

The music is fairly good although i do prefer the MvC1 remixes but hey one stage has Cee-lo in it.I wish the music had more variety however.The graphics are standard for a 2-d fighter sprites and artwork which flow well together,however the backgrounds are well done 3-d animations.

Summing it up Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is one of the best fighters I have played it has excellent replay value that’ll keep you popping this game in for many years to come.If you can’t get your hands on the DC version or you can’t find a good emulator have no fear because this marvellous(no pun intended) game is coming to your 360’s/PS3’s through downloadable services with extra features for only $15.00/1200 MSp’s that is a steal in my opinion you have to get this game.

+Amazing quality

+Wide selection

+Great gameplay

+Great replay value

-Music is iffy

Overall 9.7/10(AKA BUY IT NOW!!!!!)

This is redscout64 signing off

Red Faction Guerilla Review

June 16, 2009

I’ve had this game for a couple of days now, and as such feel ready to make a valued opinion on it. It Rocks. I’ll come clean, I love this game I can’t stop playing it, but on to the reviewy part of the review.

The game places you in the shoes of Alec mason, a mining engineer going to mars to look for an honest living, but some things happen and you wind up joining the Red Faction, the rebel force for the freedom of mars from the oppressive EDF. This game takes place a few decades later than the previous entries, and as such it is a different Red Faction, newly formed. Through terra-forming you can now breathe on mars, and have cars and things so it creates an open-world playground atmosphere.


The first thing you do when you are released into the world with a sledgehammer and some charges is hit stuff – and it is satisfying.Thanks to the real star of the game, Geo-Mod 2.0, you can break buildings apart brick by brick, watching them slowly crumble under the weight of itself and the come crashing down to earth in all its next gen splendour, and it feels bloody good. Thats the main thing with this game, how things feel to play. The jeeps are fun and overly fast, the guns are powerful and some of them just plain crazy, like a saw firing gun and a rifle that disintegrates matter into nothing. As you progress through the game and unlock salvage, the games main currency, you can spend it on upgrades and other cool stuff.The upgrades come in the form of armour, new hammers, more guns and other goodies that just enhance the gameplay, although some of them are pretty useless and you wont particularly be rushing to get them, to say the least.

The game looks nice, not wonderful mind you but nice. There are some great shadowing and lighting effects, but sadly most of the textures can appear mucky and low res, nothing game-breaking, but potentially annoying. The game runs solid and smooth, with minimal slowdown only noticed in the biggest of destruction moments, but you’ll be too busy blowing stuff up to really notice how the games playing, and this happens very rarely.

The game revolves around completing missions and liberating sectors of the planet, while fun it does seem as though there are too little proper missions, and a lot of side-missions that can get repetitive. What does not get repetitive, is the way you reduce control of a sector to unlock more missions of the main story arc. You can either complete guerilla actions, or take out key EDF buildings anyway you can, both increasing the morale of the sector which intices more colonists to join your uprising and fight with you. Th story, while not particularly deep, does provide a good compliment to the destruction, and keeps you fighting, right up to the end.

Nowadays, many gamers look just for the multiplayer sector of a game, and Red Faction Guerilla puts that in full swing. The multiplayer is split up into different playlists as you would normally have in online games, but with some differences, noticably siege mode which revolves around the destruction of key buildings which can prove extremely exhillerating, standing on a tower only to have it crumble underneath you has never been so fun. There is also a sort of ranking system, which revolves around unlocking new skins, hammers, badges and colours for them and provides some nice incentives to keep playing.

Overall this game hits it where its needed – fun. Its a pure joy to play, and while not without its flaws, is a game that every gamer deserves on his shelf.

The Good – GeoMod 2.0 is extremely fun to play around with, multiplayer is a hoot.
The Bad – Story could use fleshing out, some poor textures.
Overall – 8.9/10


Frontlines: Fuel of War

June 8, 2009

 Frontlines: Fuels of War is one of the few games that has suprised me in recent months. I found it near the bottom of a “bargain bucket” in GAME, for a mere £8, and thought I may as well try it out, and luckily, luck pulled through and I found quite a neat little game.

Developed by KAOS Studios and released on PC and Xbox only (due to compatability errors with the PS3), Frontlines is about a war between EU and America (the Co-allition Forces) and China and Russia (the Red Star Alliance), fighting over the last scraps of the worlds oil in the year 2024, society has fallen and so called “renewable power sources” have failed, the world is a desperate place. This may sound like the same as every other war game released today, or something similar at least, which is what I assume led to it’s mostly unsuccessful release, however, I actually think the story was as imaginitive as it was allowed to be (it’s a war game made by an American company who only see war as a thing where lots of stuff goes BANG), and I was genuinely hooked onto the story, right up to the very end where it pissed itself and died due to the developers running out of money (that’s the only sensible conclusion I can come up with) and basically just saying “all’s well that end’s well” right in the middle of it.

Unfortuantely, a sequel is not to be released, which I reckon really could of clinched this game, it had impressive AI tactics, which may not sound impressive at all, but the AI gave me a worthwile fight on every difficulty setting, (if a bit overpowered on the hardest setting-4 bodily sniper shots to take someone down is difficult when they’re firing rockets at you quicker than you can move) somewhat neat graphics, but sometimes slightly undone, especially in rundown areas of Russia towards the end of the game, where I just got the feel KAOS had started to use the same basic template for everything, with some very minor changed, a major “no-no” in my book, but on the main part nothing new or spectacular admittedly, most likely due to a limited cost.

There are a list of classes to choose from, however, irritatingly, they often don’t seem to be very well balanced out with the exception of the sniper, but also clsses like “Special Forces” which are meant to be almost an achievement for the player to play as often dissapoint, with some fairly pointless weaponry and almost nothing about them which makes them better than you’re average “Assault Trooper”, other than this, classes don’t easily match out against eachother, and no class has a significant weakness to the other, which can sometimes lead to sheer annoyance, especially on higher levels, where AI snipers are engaging you in close combat, and winning, something that just shouldn’t be done.

Weaponry on this game was highly interesting, such as drones (bringing hours of fun alone, I assure you), which enabled you to take down tanks from a safe distance, scout ahead for areas or cause general disruption for the enemy. Also, a new weapons aiming system that I’ve never seen before, but was ultimately impressed by, testing the payers skills, and if successful allowing the player to tactically use weapons such as Rocket Launchers to fire at certain points to gain tactical advantage, rather than you’re normally crude versions of rocket launchers which are more of a point, shoot BANG mechanisim. However, the weapons selection system in this game was truly awful, with KAOS trying and completely failing to create something new, which in fairness they did create something new, but the only reason it hadn’t been created before was because it didn’t work, using your analouge buttons, you had to flick to weapon you wanted (which was actually quite a tricky art to master) and use the weapon in a time quick enough you don’t get killed, causing lots of extra effort and in my case frustration, as time and time again I’d try to whip my pistol out quickly to stop an enemy mowing me down, onl to retrieve a lump of C4 in my hand or a sniper rifle…

Like most games released today, there is of course an online aspect to the game, and when I say aspect, I mean the game relies on it to make up for it’s lack of quality in offline play, which is a major problem for me as I don’t currently have Xbox LIVE to play t with, however, I’m told by tose who do have it that the online aspect is actually much better, with more character classes, weapons and vehicles such as Jets, which don’t appear in offline gameplay (yet you’re still expected to somehow know how to fly them).

For a £8 game I’d strongly reccomend Frontlines, however, it is key to remember that this game in’t as well finished as games with limitless money poured into them such as Halo, which can lead to some cheap effects, and some dire gameplay mechanics such as the weapons selection system.

Overall rating, 8/10