If you’ve been wondering

October 20, 2009

Why the site has had very little updates, its due to this ;


Saving stuff for the real site, so i’ve kinda lost interest in the wordpress since its only about 11 days until the real one comes around, make sure you’re all there !


A Quick HSG Update

September 8, 2009

You eagle eyed readers (or anyone who comes onto this site) may have noticed a big gap between updates on this site. This would be because we have major plans  in the works, I can’t mention what at the moment, but expect more revieweing content and MUCH more.

Stay tuned 🙂

The Reason

August 30, 2009

We havn’t had that much content lately, due to contributors not being able to acess the internet/ being on holiday, and I’ve had some school related stuff to do, but never fear we are still alive

We have a chat

August 19, 2009

We now have a chat for the site, go there to talk about gaming and whatnot, all the HSG staff will be there most times, so drop in and have fun. Also dont forget to sign up to the forums if you havn’t already 🙂

The Chat

The Forum

Good Evening

June 8, 2009

Welcome to Headshot Gaming, the awesome new site that has reviews on gaming and other game-related fun, not to mention some nonsensical stuff from time to time.

We hope you enjoy this aweome new place.